The Morogiannis's Water Mill

The Morogiannis's Water Mill df
Neromilos Morogianni

The Morogiannis Water mill

T he Morogiannis water mill is located in Greece, at the village of Kato Giannei that belongs to the municipality of Falesia in the Megalopolis prefecture of Arcadia, in central Peloponneese, at the foothills of North Taygetos, in an area of particular natural beauty, part of the estate of the Morogiannis family. The river Karnion, a side river of the Alfios river, runs through the estate, carrying water throughout the year.

The Morogiannis watermill is a traditional stone-built water-powered mill of the eastern type with horizontal-iron wheel (fteroti) from from the beginnings of the 19th century t that was operated by the Morogiannis family until 1973, perhaps one of the last operating mills at that time throughout Greece. The mill was bought around 1916 (or 1913) by Konstantinos Hristakis, the grand-father of the wife of Athanasios Morogiannis ((father of the present owners of the mill Kostas and Fotis Morogiannis) from the earlier owners, the family of a captain of the Greek Revolution of Independence 1821-1827, Lagos from Leontari.

The International Molinological Society, The Morogiannis’ watermill: A representative case for the implementation of RESTOR HYDRO project in Greece.(σελ.15-19)

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